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Gazpacho is a visual love letter to Granada, Spain. In 2022, me and my wife joined a very dear friend on a week long trip to his family’s holiday home; Casa Warren. This self published zine demonstrates my passion for photography and storytelling, capturing the beauty and charm of Granada.

I am Adam Gould, a photographer with a keen interest in capturing the intricacies of everyday life and the profound beauty hidden in mundane moments. Photography began as a hobby, but it has quickly evolved into an obsession of visual storytelling and documenting. This is my third zine I have self-published and I have learnt a lot with each one. The culling of images, sequencing and settling on a final print is preparing me for my ongoing project. This project will span over many years, one day hoping to become a published photo book.


Special thanks to my wife, Izzy, for putting up with me, stopping every few moments everywhere I go, when I have a camera hanging round my neck - And to my dear friend Oliver who arranged this beautiful trip and welcomed us in to his family home. The zine is named Gazpacho in honour to Oliver; he fell in love with the dish and I don’t think I saw him go a day without devouring a portion of it.

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